Legal Play At Canadian Online Slots Casinos

Legal Play

Worried about whether or not your Canadian online slots casino play is legal? Unsure if your online casino is being legally operated? Questioning whether or not you could ever be prosecuted for playing at online slots Canada casinos?

If you're having any fears or doubts around the legalities of your Canadian online casino slots play, the good news is, you needn't be. That's because while Canadian gaming law prevents the licensing of online casinos within Canada's borders, it nevertheless allows play on foreign online slots casinos catering to Canadian players. Our experts have gone to great lengths to ensure that every online slots casino recommended here meets these legal obligations - meaning that if you play at an online casino reviewed here, you can rest assured your online casino play is 100% legal. So don't waste time worrying - sign up with any of our featured Canadian online casinos today and enjoy guilt-free gaming and uninterrupted excitement!

The legalities of playing at Canadian online slots casinos

The laws surrounding online gambling in Canada have always been something of a grey area, which may be where confusion has crept in for some Canadian online casino players. While Canada as a whole has been an anti-gambling country ever since 1960, according to governmental regulations, each individual province has the right to decide whether or not to allow gambling within its borders. While some land-based casinos have since come into existence as a result, the issue of online gambling is still one that is up for debate at a governmental level, which is where questions as to the legitimacy of online gambling have arisen.

Until a law is passed regulating Canadian online gaming either way, the facts are as follows: any online slots Canada casinos operating within the borders are considered to be illegal. However, Canadian online casino players are not prohibited from playing at international online slots casinos that cater to Canadian players, and allow game play in Canadian dollars. The exception to this rule lies within the province of Quebec, where gambling, and online gambling in particular, have been deemed to be completely legal.

Playing at Canadian online casinos - legal points to consider

If you are unsure as to whether or not your online slots game play is legal, or if you are transgressing any laws with your online slots gaming, it may be useful to bear these points in mind:

  • The Criminal Code in Canada does not make it illegal to gamble online, unless it is in direct contravention to certain areas of the code.
  • No charges have ever been laid against any Canadian players for gambling online, and no Canadian players have ever been prosecuted for playing at online slots casinos.
  • Unlike the USA, Canadian provinces have the right to allow and license online slots casinos as and when they please. So far, Quebec is the only province to have exercised this right.

Remembering these important points may help you to distinguish between legal and illegal online casino play, if you are ever in doubt, and give you peace of mind the next time you logon to your online slots Canada casino.

Of course there's no reason to ever worry when playing at an online casino - that's because our experts have gone to great lengths to ensure that each of our featured online slots Canada casinos adhere completely to Canadian online gaming laws in every way. So there's no need to feel any anxiety - instead, all you need to feel is pure adrenaline and the thrill of winning every time you logon!

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